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Here we can share helpful tips and resources for E21, Read180, RTI, Springboard, and System 44 materials. This home page was designed with shared resources (Kprep, LDC, SB) in mind. However, specific grade level, subject, and unit materials can be accessed on the right.

Channel One

Access Channel One News Videos by clicking on the following: Channel One

Common Core

Access the Kentucky Core Academic Standards here.

Achieve the CoreThis website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards. It includes practical tools designed to help teachers.

Want to better understand the new assessments around the Common Core Standards?


Reflection form for 8th Grade Selected Writing Piece for High School:


Exemplary LDC Modules


Map Goal Setting:

Root Studies


Shakespeare Resources

Shakespeare LiveBinder

SpringBoard Resources

To access SpringBoard's online materials (i.e. texts, assessments, community), click on the following: SpringBoard Online Access

Ideas for unpacking your Embedded Assessments

Need large print SB Books? http://louis.aph.org/

Using SpringBoard Digital

Anderson and Krathwohl's Taxonomy 2000Side by side Bloom comparison with hotlinks to professional texts:
Anderson and Krathwohl's Taxonomy 2000

KPrep Support/Practice Materials

On Demand Practice Materials

Washington-With Student Annotations
Arizona-6th grade with multiple choice, student work, and annotations
Arizona-7th grade with multiple choice, student work, and annotations
Virginia- 8th Grade Multiple Choice
Georgia-8th Grade 2013 wih student work and annotations
Georgia-8th Grade 2012 with student work and annotations
Louisiana- Grades 3-8 with student work and annotations
Maine-2012 Grade 8
Maine-2011 Grade 8
Massachusetts Multi-year with Student Annotations
Massachusetts -2012 Grade 7 with annotations

Instructional Materials for Teachers

6th Grade OnDemand Resources
8th Grade OnDemand Resources

Multiple Choice


Reading Tests

Constructed Response Materials

PAARC- Select grade level on left
Smarter Balance Assessments- Scroll down to Item/Task Specifications for Grades 6-8
Achieve the Core- Select Grade Level and Subject

Multiple Choice
Arizona-6th Grade
Arizona-7th Grade
Arizona-8th Grade

http://www.fldoe.org/core/fileparse.php/3/urlt/fl538838_gr8rdgstm_tb_wt_r1g.pdf- Florida 8th grade reading

http://tea.texas.gov/Student_Testing_and_Accountability/Testing/State_of_Texas_Assessments_of_Academic_Readiness_(STAAR)/STAAR_Released_Test_Questions/- Texas All grades
Virginia- 6th Grade
Virginia-7th Grade
Virginia-8th Grade
Georgia-6th Grade
Georgia-7th Grade
Georgia-8th Grade
Idaho-7th Grade
Idaho-9th Grade
Indiana- Grades 6-8
Maine-Grade 6Maine-6th Grade 2012 Answer Key
Maine-Grade 7Maine-7th Grade 2012 Answer Key
Maine-Grade 8Maine-8th Grade 2012Answer Key
Maine-Grade 6 PracticePractice Key
Maine-Grade 7 Practice Practice Key
Maine- Grade 8 PracticePractice Key
Maine-Grade 6 Maine-6th Grade 2011 Answer Key
Maine-Grade 7 Maine-7th Grade 2011 Answer Key
Maine-Grade 8 Maine-8th Grade 2011 Answer Key
Massachusetts-Grade 8 2012
Massachusetts-Grade 8 2012 Part 2
Massachusetts- Grade 6 2012
Washington State Grade 6
Washington State Grade 7
Washington State Grade 8

Multiple Choice with Constructed Responses

Arkansas-Grade 6
New York State- 6th Grade with connections to Common Core
New York State- 7th Grade with connections to Common Core
New York State- 8th Grade with connections to Common Core
New York-6th grade with student work and annotations
New York-8th grade with student work and annotations
Massachusetts- 6th Grade
Massachusetts- 7th Grade
Massachusetts- 8th grade
http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/2012/release/g6ela.pdf with http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/student/2012/question.aspx?GradeID=6&SubjectCode=ela&QuestionID=21465annotations and http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/student/2012/question.aspx?GradeID=6&SubjectCode=ela&QuestionID=21476 annotations

Achieve the Core Materials:

8th Grade
7th Grade
6th Grade

Students can take practice tests online

Virginia- Reading/English/Writing- Select Grade

Short Answer Only


Language Usage Tests

Georgia-6th grade
Georgia-7th Grade
Georgia- 8th Grade
Idaho-6th Grade
Idaho-7th Grade
Idaho-8th Grade
Most states:

RTI Support Materials
Washington RTI